Reminders for the New Year

Happy New Year! Here are 10 things to remember about coping with stress:

  1. Coping problems involve avoidance. Ask yourself, “What am I avoiding, and why?”
  2. Allow happiness to emerge in your life by acting in ways that bring you satisfaction.
  3. Coping well does not always mean living up to others’ expectations.
  4. When troubled in a relationship, ask yourself: “Who do I feel I have to be in this relationship to make it work? Do I like myself in this role? Is it me?”
  5. Accept your thoughts and feelings for what they are – normal thoughts and feelings.
  6. Your emotions are not the problem; inappropriate actions servicing the emotions are the problem.
  7. Your actions must be consistent with the conscience, values, and standards that guide you and allow you to venture outside of yourself. The actions are yours; the consequences are yours.
  8. Focus on optimistic actions, not words. Thoughts without actions are fantasy. 
  9. Stop having personal pity parties. You have no right to have the corners of your world padded for you.
  10. Success is easy. You must also learn to fail.

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